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Hello, let me introduce first. that every picture has been asked for permission from the clinic before taking it

Today I had the opportunity to go to one of the clinics in Chiang Mai. Let me tell you first that I’m one of those people who lives a rather risky life. This type of travel line is about to drink. Is changing partners often 555 I really want to have a boyfriend. But after studying it, it still doesn’t fit. Therefore, he tends to be quite secluded.

Let’s get into the matter. This clinic is a clinic that provides advice on sexually transmitted diseases. What do you want to consult, consult a doctor? (I see that I’m a doctor specializing in sexually transmitted diseases especially) It’s very open to the world, haha.
That day I was so drunk and forgot to put on a condom. Wake up and consult a friend Then my friend suggested me to get PEP here. At first I still didn’t understand what it was. A friend said that it helps with hiv, tried to consult a doctor and talk to a fortune teller, so I tried it.
I consulted a doctor and learned about things that I had never known before. When I consulted this doctor about Bang Aor, it’s the real thing. And I think it’s very helpful to people who live a worthwhile life like me. Haha. It’s actually a very close thing. And I think that many people may be embarrassed to consult their friends. Maybe it’s useful or not. But coming here is to benefit from knowledge from specialists directly. Click Nick called PrEP by CWC.

when they arrived at the clinic There will be a nurse to welcome you and then fill out the history in the cabinet. Then invited to the examination room to consult a doctor.
It will have a fever. general pressure gauge But you have to have a blood test and check your kidneys before taking the drug. which knows the results very quickly In less than an hour, I paid my medicine, paid for it, went home and slept.

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The nurse and the doctor are very kind. Come in and play with me from time to time to not get bored. So I secretly asked why there were no other customers. He said that at the clinic, he would make an appointment for each customer one by one. to prevent customers from meeting for privacy In case some customers do not want others to know that they use the service (This one is very good. Some places are They sat facing each other awkwardly.)

If anyone is interested, you can try to take a look at the page. in Chaeng Si Phum And anyone who is really embarrassed like me at first didn’t dare to go in and be afraid of people seeing it. You can call your doctor first. It’s very safe here. out the back door There is also a document shredder. Anyway, let’s take a look at the page.

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