หยางเหว่ย : โรคมะเขือเผา

หยางเหว่ย : โรคมะเขือเผา

Yang Wei: Eggplant Disease

In the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine, there is a view on the problem of male erectile dysfunction. the same and different in many respects between traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine Modern medicine calls E.D. (erectile dysfunction) meaning the penis cannot be erect for long enough to perform sexual activity successfully. Chinese medicine calls this Yang Wei, meaning the penis cannot be erect. or erect but not hardened or hardened not long or while performing a sexual act, there will be a weakening This condition does not include the elderly. which the nature of the body deteriorates and has less sexual performance naturally

perspective on modern medicine
A study by surveying men aged 40 to 70 years in the United States of 1,290 people found that 52 percent of the E.D. problem, the higher the age, the more common. In Thailand, a 1998 survey found that men aged 40-70 years had the same problem, 37.5 percent, meaning 40 years and over, 3 people will have 1 person with this disease. more then The risk group was also found to be associated with 45–48 percent of physical inactivity related to diabetes. Cardiovascular disease, depression, medication use, and pelvic and spinal surgery.

Perspectives on gender in traditional Chinese medicine
Sexual desire and reproduction are human instincts. Sexual performance and reproductive capacity depend on the internal organs, namely the kidneys (kidneys in traditional Chinese medicine view are related to the hormonal system. Autonomic nervous system (brain). Kidney power starts from weakness as a child, gradually develops to grow strong until young adulthood, and then becomes weak again when entering old age. The fullness of kidney power in women at some point, around the age of 14, causes menstruation. The maturity of kidney power in men at some point is manifested by ejaculation of semen. By the age of 40, the male and female renal powers begin to weaken. Sexual desire began to decline. Its manifestation in women is menopause around the age of 49, while in men there is a decrease in spermatogenesis around the age of 64 years as kidney power declines. until almost the end Reproductive capacity is also exhausted. sexual dysfunction may be considered natural May be considered a disease, that is, if there is care and understanding of the rules of kidney function. (in the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine) and dealing with sexual problems properly It will cause the kidney power to slowly deteriorate. have good sexual performance for a long time If handled improperly, there will be a rapid deterioration in performance. at the wrong time

Chinese Medicine Guidelines for Sexual Intercourse

1. Sex is related to good health and long life.
According to the yin-yang theory, the man is the yang, the woman is the yin, sexual intercourse is to balance the yin-yang, enriching the yin, nourishing the yang, leading to longevity. Male to nourish women”

2. “Sex” is indispensable. but not too much
“Food, sex are the basis of life. It is an indispensable thing.” A Chinese physician named Ge Hong of the Jin period, about 1,500 years ago, said, “People cannot live. without the yin-yang exchange It will cause depression, suppression will cause disease, life will be short.” Uncontrolled sex. Like a blade that will cut to the bone, will destroy life, as recorded in the textbook of dossier “Yin-Fu Jing” over 2,000 years

3. having sex Or the marriage shouldn’t be too early.
The book “Jo Li” talks about the age of men about 30 years, women about 20 years, so it is suitable to have a family. (due to growth and Hormonal development of the body or the power of the kidneys will be complete to the maximum if having sex while the development of the kidneys is not at its peak or having a family, having children earlier than the proper age will have a long-term effect on the deterioration at the end make old quickly)

4. Should refrain from having sex at an older age.
Sexuality is a process that involves growth, development, decline is a natural law. Marriage early, having children early is inappropriate. At the same time, as the old age, the body’s senses dwindled. Sexual performance begins to decline Sometimes forcing the body to have sex making it impossible to ejaculate while having sex have severe physical impact It causes difficulty in urinating, difficulty urinating, and pain.

5. Do not have excessive sex.
An ancient Chinese poet has written a warning that “a young woman is affectionate. but can kill a man It wasn’t because she would slash the pharynx. but she will dry up a man’s bone marrow.” “Sex is the beginning and the source of life. and sex will bring the end of life as well.”

problem of fit “Sex” on good health
Kidney power is the fundamental force of all internal organs. which controls various functions of the whole body Traditional Chinese medicine regards sex as an indispensable activity. But it shouldn’t be too much. The problem is what is the balance or fit for each person at any age? Managing gender balance is therefore an important issue of good health. part of the way of life Sun Simiao The famous Chinese doctor said that under normal human physiological conditions

People aged 20-29 years should control ejaculation 4 days per 1 time.

People aged 30-39 years should control ejaculation for 8 days per 1 time.

People aged 40-49 years should control ejaculation for 16 days per 1 time.

People aged 50-59 years should control ejaculation for 21 days per time.

People aged 60-69 years should control ejaculation for 30 days per 1 time (if the body is weak, should not ejaculate).

However, individual physical conditions may vary, and someone who is very healthy and strong may have a higher frequency of ejaculation than intended. by simple observation If after sex The next day, feeling tired, waist, knees weak, lightheaded, indicating too frequent ejaculation. In general, healthy young people can ejaculate 1-2 times a week. Middle-aged men can ejaculate about 1 time per week. Elderly people need to be careful Must try to control ejaculation for about 15-30 days at a time. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that having too much sex. Especially in the elderly, it will cause the penis to atrophy faster, damage the brain, causing the brain and nervous system to deteriorate faster as well.

However, the number of elderly people very strong body Even over 100 years of age, they tend to have good sexual performance. There are exceptions in this case according to the physiology of the individual body. In the profound arts, the emphasis was on the cultivation of profound energy that could have frequent intercourse. make the body stronger and have a truly good sexual performance, good health, good memory

Erectile dysfunction
According to the viewpoint of Chinese medicine, it is believed to be caused by
– innate capital (kidney power that comes from heredity)
– Excessive sex
– As a teenager, having too much orgasm
– Long-lasting chronic stress
– thinking too much for a long time
– Irritable mood, long suppression
– Eating spicy, oily food, drinking alcohol, causing heat and humidity to accumulate. lower obstruction

The cause is often related to internal organs, namely kidney, liver, spleen, stomach, divided into 9 types:

1. Depleted kidney power : Symptoms of erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction with dizziness, amnesia, ringing in the ears Lack of vitality, pain, aches in waist and knees, fatigue, palpitations, spontaneous sweating, pale tongue, weak pulse.

treatment principle Strengthen the kidneys, nourish the kidneys
Recipes: Jin Kui, Shen Qi, Sweet

2. Light Mengmen : have severe symptoms The genitals are unable to erect with dizziness, ringing in the ears, arms, legs, cold body, fear of cold, large amounts of clear urine. Frequent urination during the night, pale tongue, slow, deep pulse.

treatment principle Warm up the lights, Ming Men.
Recipe for Yaow Kui Wan

3. Depleted stomach power Having erectile dysfunction with a pale yellow face The body is thin, the stomach is sick, does not digest food, eats little, mouth tasteless, pale tongue, white or no blemish. weak pulse

treatment principle Nourish the stomach, stimulate the yang.
Recipe for Shen Ling Bai Zhu Shan

4. Heart and spleen deficiency The genitals are not erect with palpitations, easily startled, loss of appetite, flatulence, shortness of breath, weakness, loose stools, pale tongue, tenderness, weak pulse, irregular heartbeat.

treatment principle Nourish the heart, spleen, help with yang
Recipe for Gui Phee Tang

5. The humid liver meridian obstructs the lower part. having an unhealthy genitalia with dampness Itching in the foreskin yellow urine Pain when urinating, irritability, irritability, dry throat, bitter mouth, ribcage pain, lower abdomen, testicles, pain and swelling, sticky yellow tongue coating, fast pulse.

treatment principle cooling the liver the gallbladder does not block
Long dan xia gan tang medicinal formula

6. Stomach-spleen Hot and humid. Sexual desire is reduced. Genital weakness, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, sticky mouth, sweet taste in the mouth, tight bloating, heavy arms and legs, sticky yellow coating, red tongue, short, fast pulse.

treatment principle Disperse obstruction, Zhong Jiao, disperse dampness, drive heat.
San Ren Thang medicinal formula

7. The cold obstructs the wind. Liver Prana, in addition to the problem of erectile dysfunction, is quite severe. Still have pain in the lower abdomen. Pain from the groin to the testicles The pain is similar to the shrinking of the scrotum. If exposed to cold symptoms will be more severe. With heat the symptoms will subside, the scrotum will become cold and moist, the testicles will atrophy and atrophy. The genital hair will fall off or there is a cold, hard swelling of the testicles, white patches on the tongue. The pulse is deep and tight.

treatment principle warm the liver meridian spread the cold
Wen Ching Thang medicinal formula

8. Obstructive liver power Having an unhealthy penis with chest discomfort Unhappy mood, burping, tight pain in the ribcage and thorax. Bitter throat. Dry throat. In the throat, there is a feeling of a foreign object stuck in the throat. (Difficult) Thin white blemish, deep pulse

treatment principle Drain the liver, relieve obstruction
Recipe Xiao Yao Shan

9. Afraid that the kidney will be affected Because of fear, panic, will affect kidney power. Patients with erectile dysfunction After the shocking incident being paranoid Sometimes I hear a loud noise and I’m startled. A frightened dream, red tongue, irregular pulse.

treatment principle Nourish yang, nourish the kidneys, calm the mood.
Long Mu Gu Jing Wan recipe

There are also treatments by various methods such as acupuncture, nutrition therapy, and prana training, which will not be discussed in detail.

The difference between modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine

1. Modern medicine sees that Erectile dysfunction is a disease. associated with risk factors, especially diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, physical weakness no exercise the other is the deterioration of health. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes that it is related to the power of the kidneys and is associated with diseases of various systems such as the liver (mood), spleen, damp heat, cold, mental state, panic, most of which are internal problems caused by accumulation. Long-lasting imbalance is the deterioration of health itself.

2. Traditional Chinese Medicine attaches great importance to of sexual decline or kidney power associated with unbalanced sexual activity especially having too much sex Without knowing the collection of Jing substance (semen), including excessive ejaculation from a young age While the current plan looks at ejaculation. considered relaxation In fact, Chinese medicine has looked at this issue in two aspects. Not ejaculating or having sex is unnatural. excessive ejaculation Too often, it destroys the body. because the body must mobilize various mechanisms to create a very strong replacement for sperm will affect the work of various endocrine glands in the long run

3. Prevention and treatment modern medicine Emphasis on or inventing drugs that stimulate blood vessel dilation This causes the blood to clot in the penis and can eventually clot, such as sildenafil (Viagra) or apomorphine hydrochloride. For sublingual dissolve gradually will stimulate the midbrain. and send a signal along the spinal cord to the genitals cause blood vessels to expand and congested blood on the penis Prevention must reduce risk factors. strengthen the body and adjust the matter of the mind Chinese medicine focuses on balancing things. that occur in each individual Increase the yang energy of the kidneys to make the kidney energy more complete. It is seen as a problem of the body as a whole. therefore having to treat both the body and the dysfunction disease together Medicines that only strengthen the kidneys, such as using animal genitalia, seals, dogs, and deer are not suitable. with every patient Treatment must differentiate the physical condition and provide a different diagnosis. protection part Focus on understanding the principles of balancing sex. Does not focus on ejaculation as the final goal of sex. focus on food overall health promotion energy training make mind control control the integrity of the kidney power to have good sexual performance

4. Modern medicine focuses on specific results that provide quick results. but may affect other diseases such as people who get Viagra cause blood vessels to expand Patients with heart disease who are already taking coronary vasodilators Shock can occur. Traditional Chinese medicine has to analyze the drug according to the patient’s condition on a case-by-case basis. The result will be slower because the basic balance must be reinforced together.

summarize : If a person has a bad body have a deteriorating body foundation Erectile dysfunction is one of the indicators. Sometimes trying to cure erectile dysfunction alone. without accepting the truth or adjusting the basic balance of the body May improve the disease from time to time But for some people it will get worse, or the disease will go away (temporarily) but people will get worse. Both perspectives will broaden the view on erectile dysfunction, not limited to external medicines that help. But have to turn to take care of yourself more, which is more difficult, but safer and more stable.