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Prawet Wasi
Let’s join together to help heal the world. Dharma travels to the Buddha Chu Chi Foundation.

Master Zheng Yan (continued)

Mrs. Wong, Shin Yun’s mother, lamented for her daughter. She went to Wat Mek Metta at least once a day to ask the nuns if they had any news from their sorcerer. Don’t you know At that time her daughter was at the top of the mountain. and is about to part ways from friends

The Giant Man and the Old Man wanted to go back the way they were before. is going down a steep slope and across a raging river. As for women, it’s convenient. Cross the rope bridge and go to the port city of Frankincense. There the villagers looked at the group of women in amazement. because the clothes are torn and dirty He decided to buy a train ticket to Taitung City. to go to the house of Luang Pee Mek Metta’s elder brother who is a dentist who, when he saw the condition of the four women and became angry, shouted, “Look at the pictures of you guys. humiliate the family I forbid you to come back to Suan Kwang City again. I will give you money and food Then he chose to return to Fon Yuan. Or go find a good temple, such as Wat Sawang Arom in Chi Peng.”

The two young nuns chose to return to Fon Yuan Qin Yun, and Luang Phor Mek Mercy chose to go to Chi Peng City, not far from Taitung. Wat Sawang Arom is a peaceful place. Somphan is a senior nun. Both of them get along well with the nuns in the temple and work together. Pray and study the Bible together.

Study the Scriptures and Contemplate causing Shin Yun’s intelligence to increase. But nonetheless, his mind was not at peace. like a rope around his neck including mother’s love
“I feel like a refugee. to hide from the seekers She spoke to Reverend Mek-Metta.“When we want to do something but face resistance. The strongest resistance comes from the ones we love. And we can’t fight him. He could only hope that his objection would turn into support. But I don’t know how to change my mother’s way of thinking. Do I have to hide from you forever?

Why don’t you tell your mother where she is, let her meet? Maybe she can’t change her mind, but she doesn’t have to hide from you anymore.” Reverend Father Mek has mercy to recommend.
Shin Yunning thought. Then write a letter that means

“…Mother, please forgive the child who ran away from home. Please allow the child to be ordained as a nun. No need to look for the child because the child will not return home. At least now there’s an old saying: arrogant horse. will not return to graze where it came from You will not return to Fon Yuan until you succeed…”

Mrs Wong, upon receiving the letter from Shin Yun, immediately invited Mr. Wong’s brother-in-law to go out to see her daughter. have to walk across the bridge had to climb a high mountain to Wat Sawang Arom in the city of Chipeng When crossing the bridge, sister-in-law must have her sister-in-law ride on her back.

Shin Yun quietly followed his mother. to say the least In Taitung City, Shinyun asked her mother for 300 dollars to buy her mother’s gold necklace that was sold at a small shop. in the deer city Having returned the necklace, Shin Yun put it around his mother’s neck and looked at her with tears in his eyes. To communicate that : Mother, children have returned the witness of father and mother’s love. A mother’s love will always be with her child. Even if you don’t wear the diamond necklace your mother gave you But the love of the child will always be with the mother. Even if the mother does not have children by her side

But at that moment, Mrs. Wong did not receive the communication that Shin Yun hoped his mother would know. After that, the three of them took a bus at Tai Tung to return to Phon Yuan. The people waiting to get in the car were very crowded, pushing their backs up. Mr. Wong leads Shin Yun was in the middle. mother behind While he was in a commotion, Shin Yun quickly switched positions with his mother. Mother was pushed back into the car. But Shin Yun disappeared into the crowd. Mr. Wong and Shin Yun’s mother were pushed by the passengers who had to walk into the car with no way to walk back. Mother shouting for missing daughter Looking for Shin Yun, he couldn’t see until the car moved. Saw her stepping out from behind the crowd. waved his hand to let the tears flow for a long time
“Goodbye mom, goodbye ah”
“Shin Yun, son, Shin Yun came back…”

The bus turned and Shin Yun had gone out of sight. Mrs. Wong hit the chest in shock. Then the trembling finger touched the diamond pendant that Shin Yun had wrapped around his neck. She looked down at the diamond pendant and remembered Shin Yun’s face as she returned the necklace of love to her mother. Suddenly, the message Shin Yun wanted to send to her mother reached her heart. …A mother’s love is with her child forever. But a gift that is just an object doesn’t have to be with your child. and the love of the child will be with the mother endlessly. Even though the child’s body is not beside the mother
The pain in Mrs. Wong’s heart began to fade. soon stop crying unconsciously lips Her little smile appeared.
Upon returning to Fon Yuan sister-in-law and children The rest help the business. which was prosperous

“I should have set Shin Yun free a long time ago?? Mrs. Wong Rampung Rampun ??I made the mistake of trying to hold the child in.”
After that, the mother and son had regular correspondence with each other. Shin Yun had left the Bright Emotional Temple. Seeking a temple that will stay forever and ever until he meets Sombharan who has the same belief in Buddhism

In 1962, Taiwan was rich and full of light. But Shin Yun was on the mountain and used a candle. She studied hard in pursuit of knowledge to fulfill her mission. She constantly moved the temple.

In December of that year, Shin Yun and Brother Cloud Mercy arrived at Hualien Mine by train.”Where are we going? We don’t know anyone here.” The two consulted
“Wat Burapha Phisut, can you name it? Shin Yun spoke up. we go there Your Majesty may accept us.”
There was a taxi driver passing by.”Do you know Wat Burapha Phisut?Qin Yun asked.
“I know the rider, but it’s too far, the fare is five dollars.”
Both of them agreed to hire a pedal car to deliver. But the way up the hill was very steep, and it rained heavily, and the kickers had to kick hard. Two female passengers couldn’t take pity on the kicker, so she got out of the car to help push the car. At the top of the mountain there was the sound of people whispering.”Two stupid chees pushing a cab where the kicker sits smiling in the car in the rain.”
An elderly woman brought a towel and said,Two mice may not be very smart. but have compassion I like people who are kind-hearted, which are rare now.” She introduced herself as Wan. My son is a police officer in Taitung. She came to this temple temporarily to practice meditation. She said that she knew the abbot well. If you want to stay here, you will go and negotiate.

Shin Yun and Brother Mek Mercy took the towels and dried them up. Looking at Nang Wan, they saw a kindness like a grandmother.
“Where did they come from and where are they going?” she asked
“We come from afar” Shin Yun replied, trying to find the right words. and then blurted out, “We might go to Taroko to see the Valley of Hualien.”
Miss Wan said,I will introduce Mr. Chung Mingxue. He’s an old man my size. rich and kind a sacrificial Buddhist He has built many temples. and are about to build more Tomorrow he will come here will lead people to the Valley of Hualien Find a temple building that row.”

The next day, Shin Yun and Reverend Brother Mek Mercy boarded the car with Nang Wan and Mr. Su, who cared for the young woman like a child. Give them a business card saying if you need help with anything, let me know. During these times, Shin Yun had already realized that she did not agree with the rules. of the temples on the hill, such as burning paper money to the deceased or requesting the Buddha to perform a miracle It’s not a cause at all. She believed that nuns and monks should work to feed their stomachs. Not by accepting donations he eats. She could not go to become a nun and obey Sompha in matters that she did not agree with. She wanted to find her own temple and to have people of faith to follow her own mind. But I don’t see a way to fulfill my wish, so I have to move the temple indefinitely. Nang Wan gave a letter to the abbot of a temple in Taitung called Wat Bua.

Both of them teach at that temple. Shin Yun’s method was to make the complicated teachings from the scriptures easy to understand. Use current events as an example. Most listeners like A minority criticizes the biblical After that, they moved again. Go find Mr. Chung Mingshu. He built many temples. Some temples may not be there yet…
There was an empty temple in Su Lin Village. Name of Wat Saengtham But you can’t stay Because there are no residential buildings, you can go and see.”
The next day, they went to see the Sun Dharma Temple at Su Lin Village.
“I know here! I’ve been here before.” said Shin Yun.
“Impossible, Mr.“Mister Su laughs.”This temple was recently completed. just had an opening ceremony
“I really said that.“Shin Yun confirmed.”I’ve been here more than once. I know what it looks like inside.” even though the temple door was closed She described her appearance in detail.
Mr. Su’s eyes widened in amazement.”She’s all right But how do you know?”
“I do not knowQin Yun replied.
when they walked into the church Everything was exactly as Shin Yun described.”I came here when I was 15. In a dream, I saw this church three nights in a row when my mother was seriously ill. and I pray that you will be healed“The Goddess of Mercy appeared. Brought some medicine and my mother was healed miraculously.
“Really incredible” Mr. Su shook his head.” I think you don’t believe in miracles.”
“Maybe there is no wonder under heaven. The so-called miracle event may be so. used to be and so will be Finding this temple made me realize that my journey was over here.”
Shin Yun and Reverend Brother Mek Mercy were still staying at Mr. Su’s house, where they were adopted as grandchildren. The two went to Wat Saeng Dharma Temple every day to teach the villagers around the temple. Shin Yun’s method of teaching was opposed. by a minority But it’s accepted by most people. until being famous for being a good teacher and being invited to teach in various temples

Shin Yun had not yet attended the ordination ceremony. In the spring of 1963, Shin Yun received news that an ordination ceremony would be held at the Lychee Temple in Taipei. Before leaving for Taipei She asked Mr. Su to build a small hut behind the temple church for her so that she could come back after her ordination.
She went to the Lychee Temple on the day of the ordination ceremony.
“Who took her as her preceptor?asked the nun there.
“You can’t be ordained without a preceptor.”
Shin Yun was very disappointed. and was poised to return to Hualien But I want to buy a book that can’t be found in Hualien. The nun recommended to visit Suriyasat Temple. There is a bookstore with a lot of books.
Shin Yun went to the Solar Information Temple. The nun suggested that one should pay respects to the teacher who took care of Ajarn Yin Shun’s name. Shin Yun had heard of Master Yin Shun before. You have written a lot of books.
Did you come to Taipei for the ordination ceremony?‘ Teacher Yshun asked.
“Yes, my lord. But I can’t be ordained because I don’t have a preceptor…”
with some inspiration, even though we didn’t know each other before Ajarn Yin Shun accepted as a preceptor.
“You have to spend the rest of your life doing two things: serve all beings and make him learned Buddhism.”
“Master, I, Shin Yun-Wong, will always remember the words of my Master every day of my life.”
“Once you become ordained, you should stop using the name Shin Yunwong. I will give you a new name… Her new name is Zheng Yan…”
Master Yin Shun smiled and continued: “If you intend to serve all beings and make he learned Buddhism In the future, her name will change from Nun Zheng Yan to Master Zheng Yan.”
*     *     *     *     *
Mrs. Wong visited her daughter several times. In the fall of 1964, Nun Zheng Yan had five disciples, living in a small hut behind the church in 1967. (1967) Nun Zheng Yan asked her mother for money to buy a place to expand. Mother’s mother has provided financial assistance many times until it is widely known.
All of this was told by Mrs. Wong to Yu Yingqing. The author who edited this book Before leaving, Mrs. Wong said to Yu Ying,
I am very proud that after going through so many hardships My lovely little boy has millions of devotees and disciples, and the world knows her as Grandmaster Zhengyan.”